LINUX.....set your computer free!

No matter what your requirements are, there is sure to be a Linux distribution which will fullfill your needs. Also, you will be joining a worldwide community of users, and there could be a local Linux User Group near to you, who will be pleased to offer you help and guidance. For anyone in the Tyneside area I would recommend joining the Tyneside Linux User Group.  For more information visit the web site.

The quantity and quality of the software, either included in the distribution, or available for download, is amazing and is, in many cases, equal to or better than equivalent commercial software, also take into account you can install the software on as many computers as you please, no more scrabbling around searching for Activation Keys!

There are "Live" distibutions available on DVD/CD which you can try without interfering with the installed operating system on your computer. If you like what you see, full installation can be as simple as a mouse click on an icon. It is quite usual for users to have a version of Linux and Windows on the same computer.

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